The Ugly Side of Pretty Flowers: Intro

A few years ago I had a friend who sent me the video called Blood Roses and Deadly Diamonds. It was part of the Vanguard TV series and talked about the irony of how unloving these two symbols of love actually are because how they are produced or obtained is so unkind. This was the first time I heard or even thought of the ugly side of pretty flowers.

I started thinking about it more as the years went by and looked for signs of loving flowers that actually were made with love. Sometimes at the grocery you find a sticker on the outside of the plastic sleeve that says in very patriotic letters GROWN IN AMERICA. In our valley Whole Foods also has flowers that say they were grown in our own state, Colorado. But how do we know how they were grown? And why is it important?  

I wanted to find answers to these questions and share them with you in Modern West’s first blog series! It will tackle the questions of the behind the scenes of the floral industry and look into how flowers are grown and distributed. Keep an eye out for our next post and please share your comments with us!

bp1 roses cropped.jpg
Tara Abbaticchio