What We Believe


Modern West Floral Company is proud to provide locally grown cut florals for the Roaring Fork Valley. We are committed to providing the freshest and most sustainably grown materials possible. We hope to convey our passion for plants and all of their beauty through our fresh cut flowers and botanicals produced in an environmentally-friendly, sustainable manner.


Our flowers are grown using the highest environmental standards

No pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers are EVER used in the production of our botanicals. We use water-wise irrigation to reduce our water use.



We strive for zero waste and compostable materials

Over 98% of all waste is composted or reused on our farm right here in Carbondale. Our flower sleeves are even made of recycled craft paper



We are locally grown and sold

Our flowers are grown 2 miles from Carbondale’s historic downtown and are only sold within the Roaring Fork Valley.



We value our local landscape and seasonal changes

We value our unique native landscape and incorporate responsibly foraged botanicals into our work.



Our harvesting and post harvesting techniques are superior

No chemicals are used to promote longevity- our harvesting and post-harvesting techniques do that for us. All of our flowers are harvested according to each varieties optimal harvest stage. They are harvested directly into water buckets in the cool of the day and are allowed to rest and rehydrate. They are never stored out of water.


You Might Not Know



Of fresh flowers sold in the US are imported.


Of all US FLORAL Imports come from columbia


Average number of miles traveled by flowers sold in the US.